Sex After Birth: Answers for 3 important questions

What to do if the husband is no longer sexually attracted to his wife after giving birth?

Perhaps, the couple’s sexual life came to a full stop during pregnancy, and their roles within the family have completely changed. In this case, you’ll have to try to remember what your relationship looked like before pregnancy. Use the method of associative bonds: recreate as accurately as possible the situations you experienced at the peak of your sex life. That very cruise liner, that party, that restaurant, and that music that is associated with your warmest memories. Hire a sitter, ask your friends or grandma to look after the kids, and go for it! Tell your partner, that you want to have some special time with him. Surprise him. Flirt with him. Change a bit. Become the woman he once fell in love with so passionately. Turn into that fun and carefree girl again. Try this, while also wearing the title of the mother of his kids.

After childbirth, physical sensations during sex change since it stretches the vaginal muscles. How to prevent it?

It takes some time and effort to restore the elasticity of muscles after giving birth. Consider Kegel exercises for women after giving birth. Just do these exercises several times a day, contract the muscles around the vaginal orifice (this is also often associated with the contraction of the anal sphincter). These exercises can be performed during breast feeding, trips, or in the bed. Vaginal beads are extremely beneficial for the condition of your internal muscles, too. They are inserted into the vagina, and you have to contract muscles in order to prevent them from falling out. The duration of the exercise should be determined individually. Don’t forget to compliment your husband, tell him nice things, and remind him how important he is to you. This is a sure way to keep your partner interested in you.

Is this true that the husband’s presence during labour leads to a deterioration of sex life between spouses?

Studies show that it depends on how actively the husband participated in pre-labour activities. If your man attended courses for future parents, showed interest in how the pregnancy went on, and took care of you after birth, then his presence during labour will only make family bonds stronger. However, when the husband enters the labour room without any inkling of what the process actually looks like, then it may negatively affect his sexual attraction towards you, indeed. So before asking your man to be around during labour, make sure he is fully prepared for this – both theoretically and practically.

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