The 16th Week of Pregnancy

Feelings on the 16th week of pregnancy What is the fetus like at week 16? Sex Ultrasound on week 16 What month of pregnancy Possible problems Recommendations Nutrition Feelings on the 16th week of pregnancy This period is truly wonderful for women expecting a child. This is the happy time when the expecting mother’s well-being

The 15th Week of Pregnancy

Feelings at week 15 How the body is changing Fetal development Possible problems Ultrasound on week 15 Research and analysis Intimate life Recommendations Nutrition Feelings in the 15th week of pregnancy Week 15 of pregnancy marks the initial stage of the second trimester of bearing a child. This period is traditionally considered by gynecologists to

The 14th Week of Pregnancy

The development of the baby in week 14 What happens to mom Recommendations for week 14 Research and analysis Fetal ultrasound at week 14 The baby’s development in the fourteenth week of gestation 14th obstetric week of gestation in the baby development calendar marks the beginning of the second trimester. The fetus is already well

The 13th Week of Pregnancy

Signs, symptoms, and sensations How the body is changing Fetal development Possible problems Fetal ultrasound Research and analysis Intimate life Recommendations Nutrition Signs, Symptoms, and Sensations at Week 13 Week 13 is the time of blossom and an emotional lift for a woman. This is due to physiological processes that take place inside the body

Sex After Birth: Answers for 3 important questions

What to do if the husband is no longer sexually attracted to his wife after giving birth? Perhaps, the couple’s sexual life came to a full stop during pregnancy, and their roles within the family have completely changed. In this case, you’ll have to try to remember what your relationship looked like before pregnancy. Use

The 12th Week of Pregnancy

Fetal development Sensations in the stomach Possible problems Changes in the body of a woman Fetal development ultrasound Screening Recommendations Food at week 12 Development of the Fetus at Week 12 of Pregnancy At this stage, the doctors call the baby the fetus, not the embryo. You can already see the future child with the

The 11th Week of Pregnancy

Fetal development at week 11 Possible problems Mom’s well-being Physical activity Intimate life Analyzes and studies Fetal ultrasound at week 11 Tips for the future mom The diet for the future mother Fetal development in the 11th week of pregnancy The fetus in the 11th week of pregnancy continues to develop relentlessly. It has been

10 Best Foods for Dinner

Surely, most people have heard that you shouldn’t eat after 6 p.m. But does this recommendation apply to the expecting mother, and what dinner is the best for a pregnant woman? A pregnant woman should be responsible about choosing food for dinner. Since, on the one hand, the body is restored at night and you

The 10th Week of Pregnancy

Fetal development Feelings at week 10 Possible risks How does the body change Survey 10 week Ultrasound on week 10 Recommendations Nutrition Fetal development in the 10th week The 10th obstetric week is characterized by active growth and development of the fetus (no longer an embryo). Now the future baby is truly a child. The

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